Pixalogo 3.0 Review

Pixalogo 3.0


Ease of Use






Value for Money



  • Very easy to use.
  • Training is second to none.
  • Not just a logo product but much more than that.
  • Worth every penny and gives you great value for how much it is.


  • A great product to have and honestly, you don't really need any bonuses, however, I'm throwing in the bonuses anyway to make the product more complete.

Pixalogo 3.0 Review

Check out my Pixalogo 3.0 Review and why everyone is raving for this logo design platform!


There is something extremely amazing when you can create really nice and professional logos and whether it’s for your website or just for a social media page, I’m going to give you a good reason why purchasing Pixalogo 3.0 is the right way to go in this Pixalogo 3.0 Review.

Pixalogo 3.0 was created by a guy named Yani Hidayat and has been heavily involved in helping photographers to get to where they want to be.


I’m not entirely sure if Pixalogo and Pixalogo 2.0 has been successful or not but i’m guessing that since Pixalogo 3.0 is now up and running, there is a high demand for the product.

Pixalogo 3.0 Image 1

Pixalogo 3.0 Image 1

So, what is inside Pixalogo 3.0?

First of all, you get 200+ logos that have already been made for you.

There are40 business categories and 1400+ high res source files; AI, EPS, PSD, SVG,JPG, PNG, POWERPOINT VERSION.

The logos are very easy to customize, with a video tutorial included and the commercials license.

Pixalogo 3.0 Image 2

Pixalogo 3.0 Image 2

Pixalogo 3.0 has an effective Powerpoint version, so if you do not have adobe illustrator or photoshop, then the powerpoint version is very good, especially as the editing life takes just 3 steps to set up; You can select the template, then you can change the text or colour and then you just export and you are done.


As for my personal experience with Pixalogo 3.0, I have to say it’s a lot of fun and I was completely surprised at just how easy the editing was. I love it and I really think that if you are willing to purchase Pixalogo 3.0, you will not be disappointed.

Pixalogo 3.0 Image 3

Pixalogo 3.0 Image 3

The reason why I think that Pixalogo 3.0 is good is because of its simplicity and how it’s not just a logo product as there is so much more to it.


Ok, so now it’s time for the OTOs, however, there is no need to worry since they are completely optional.


OTO 1 Esports Logo Bundle + 100 T-shirt design bundle + Commercial License


Main Product :

35 Handmade Esports Logo Design Templates


OTO 2 Get 70% OFF to our Pixalogo best seller + Commercial License


Here’s details package:

1.Pixalogo 1.0 – 200 Modern Style Logo Templates

2.Pixalogo 2.0 – 200 Minimalist Style Logo Templates

  1. 150+ Exclusive Logo Templates
  2. 400 PowerPoint Logo Library
  3. 100 Logo Icon Pack


Now, other than the bonuses that I will mention just below, this all basically concludes the Pixalogo 3.0 Review and I honestly hope you have got something from this review and it has helped you make a decision on whether to buy or not.

Pixalogo 3.0 Image 4

Pixalogo 3.0 Image 4

Note: The bonuses that I will present to you do not all have anything to do with Pixalogo 3.0, however, all bonuses that I give out are all relevant to Pixalogo 3.0.


Bonuses : 


  • 100 Avatar Pack Design
  • 100 Cartoon Pack Bundle
  • 300 Logo Templates



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