Siteground Hosting Review

Siteground Hosting


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  • Has a great affiliate program
  • The 24/7 support is the best I've come across
  • Great value for money
  • Recommended #1 hosting platform by WordPress


  • Although the support is great, it is still not quite perfect, but they are always trying to improve

Siteground Hosting Review – Check out my Siteground Hosting Review to see why it is the best and only website hosting to have!


Any online marketer, blogger, and business owner all know how vital it is to have website hosting.

Right now, I will give you my full Siteground Hosting Review and why I believe this particular hosting platform beats all of its competition when it comes to hosting platforms.

From originally coming from host sites like Hostgator and Bluehost, I have to say that the comparison between Siteground Hosting and other hosting platforms is quite phenomenal.

Siteground Hosting is the #1 recommendation for WordPress

Siteground Hosting is the #1 recommendation for and it is very easy to see why.

Not only does Siteground Hosting have an easy and simple users area, but they also have the best support which is available to you 24/7.

Siteground Hosting Review
Siteground Hosting Review

Siteground Hosting’s Affiliate Program

Siteground Hosting also does an amazing affiliate program.

You start off with £30 per sale, and as you make more sales per month, the affiliate commission goes up depending on how many sales you do.

Once you get to 21+ sales per month, you will receive a custom affiliate price which they give you.

Siteground Hosting Review
Siteground Hosting Review

Siteground Hosting’s Amazing Security

Their security is second-to-none. It’s not like it used to be when you didn’t have to have an SSL certificate.

Now, every WordPress site has to have an SSL certificate, it is the little padlock on the left-hand side of the address bar.

If a site doesn’t have one of those, it means that the website isn’t secure and it would be completely useless for SEO and Ranking on the 1st page of Google if that is what you wanted to use your site for.

Siteground Hosting Review
Siteground Hosting Review

CDN softwares

There is also a very important aspect to Siteground Hosting and that is Cloudflare.

What is Cloudflare? It is a CDN which helps the speed of your website. CDN stands for ‘Content Delivery Network’.

Cloudfare also comes with Siteground Hosting and it is completely free to use, however, there is a ‘Plus’ version which has much more features.

Don’t worry though, the Free version will do just fine in this situation.

Siteground Hosting Review
Siteground Hosting Review

Siteground Supercacher

The Supercacher is another great feature that the website Hosting has, and with the CDN, will also speed up your website and make it so much faster.


Hopefully, this Review will make you see what an amazing hosting platform Site ground platform is. If you go through this link, I will get an affiliate commission.

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